Youth Ministry Pastor

Position: Full-Time

Major Area of Responsibility:

Four Corners Student Ministry (6th Grade - 12th Grade)

  • Develop, execute and oversee Four Corners Youth Ministry and Team


Position Description:

Provide leadership, oversight and coordination within the Four Corners Youth Ministry

Reports To:

Family Ministries Pastor - Tanya Hughes


  • Ability to build and lead teams effectively

  • Organizational, practical and goal-oriented leadership

  • A strong communicator who listens well

  • Knowledge of systems and structures of Church of the Four Corners

  • A proven project manager with strong attention to detail and administrative skills

  • Passion for learning and excitement to learn through experience

  • Ability to effectively manage behaviors to create a distraction-free environment

  • Pastoral, discerning and confident leadership


  • Lead Four Corners Youth Ministry by providing vision and clear direction to help students thrive in the local church

  • Create a weekly student experience that is fun, culturally relevant and gospel centered

  • Plan and execute engaging weekly messages & services for Four Corners Youth

  • Evaluate quality of weekly student services

  • Create and implement systems and structures to help students take their Next Step with Christ

  • Connect and build relationships with students

  • Provide opportunities for students to connect with other students and leaders

  • Plan and oversee monthly student events

  • Integrate students into every aspect of the church

  • Connect with parents and equip them to be the leader in their student’s spiritual development

  • Share the vision of Four Corners Youth with families in the church, crew (volunteers) and people in the community

  • Identify, train, equip, and multiply ministry leaders

  • Lead and develop teams and volunteers so that they are operating in their strengths and being most effective in their roles on the Four Corners Youth team

  • Regularly plan and facilitate meetings with Youth Ministry leaders for the purpose of coaching, developing community and providing general communication

  • Collaborate with Family Ministry Team Leaders (Nursery, Pre-School, Elementary & Young Adult Ministries) to maintain and create a cohesive flow with programming and spiritual development from one stage of life to the next

  • Grow attendance by creating and implementing a strategy that draws families into the church through Four Corners Youth

  • Create and continuously improve communication and follow-up methods for students, parents and families

  • Maintain strong communication with Direct Report (Family Ministries Pastor) to ensure the vision of church is implemented in all areas of student ministry

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Love for God

  • Love for People

  • Not a weirdo

  • Work ethic that is excellent, protective, and smart with time and money

  • Fun and enjoyable to be with

  • Lives life on mission

  • Attitude of a servant and devoted to the call of God and the Church

  • An example of personal integrity and discipleship