Residency Program


Prepare and equip residents to start their own multiplying movements. Planting churches that will go on to plant other churches who plant churches.


One year. Second year option available at the discretion of Lead Pastor.


The compensation will be $40,000 a year.


Come the end of the residency term, each resident will be equipped with skills, resources and relationships necessary to launch a successful kingdom work. 

What COTFC is looking for in a resident:

  • Fundraising Ability - They will be expected to participate in deputized fundraising of at least $20,000 annually. 

  • Ministry Experience - They will be expected to have previous experience working for a church.

  • Relational Evangelism - They will be expected to have the ability to lead someone to Christ with confidence and clarity.

  • Entrepreneurial Experience - They will be expected to have the ability to start something from scratch.

  • Self-Awareness - They will be expected to have an accurate understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Teachability - They will be expected to have a recognition that they don’t know it all.

  • Proven Leadership - What have they led successfully in the past?  Are they a leader of volunteers or a leader of leaders? 

  • Vision Casting - They will be expected to have the ability to cast a compelling vision.

  • Self-Feeder - They will be expected to have a strong dedication to personal growth.

  • Strong Disposition Towards Execution - They will be expected to flat out get stuff done!

  • Christ-like Character - They will be expected to be a person of integrity and exhibit the fruits of the spirit in their life.

  • An Undeniable Call - They will be expected to have absolute certainty towards the call of church planting as their NEXT STEP in ministry. 

What the Residency will include:

  • Regular 1on1 meetings with the lead pastor

  • Participation in CPAC (Church Planter Assessment Center) 

  • Expectation to lead a small group and to reproduce small groups

  • Lead a Ministry Area

  • High-Level Access to leadership meetings, creative meetings, tough decision-making meetings, etc.

  • Access to other pastors on staff at COTFC

  • Access to other NewThing planters in the KC network 

  • Opportunity to teach on Sunday mornings at COTFC with occasional outside opportunities

  • Being “sent well” as you launch out

  • Continuing coaching support after the residency concludes

What does the interview process look like?

  • Step One - 1-2 Interviews with differing staff of COTFC

  • Step Two - Multiple In-Person Interviews with Spouse

  • Step Three - Completion of Church Planter Assessment through Stadia

More info about Stadia’s assessment can be found on their website: